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When looking for a candle, everyone leads with their nose. But do you know how the scent of your favourite candle is created?

Scents are added to candles using aromatic oils. These fall into two groups: fragrance oils and essential oils.

Fragrance oils are synthetic

They are manufactured by isolating a particular scent molecule and replicating it via a laboratory process. This allows fragrance oils to be mass-produced, and gives them a potent ‘scent throw’. Fragrance oils can also be created for scents of which there are no naturally occurring counterparts: think ‘Clean Linen’, ‘Fresh Rain’, or even ‘Tuscan Leather’. Their versatility and inexpensiveness make fragrance oils the ingredient of choice for most luxury candle companies: The White Company, Jo Malone and Diptyque (and many others) all use these synthetic fragrance oils in their products.

Essential oils are sourced from nature

Essential oils are the natural oils of botanical ingredients such as plants and flowers,  extracted from their petals, stems, bark, needles, resin and rinds. These oils capture the aroma of the original source, without any adjustment or adulteration, as well as hundreds of other naturally occurring compounds (such as limonenes and terpenes) that benefit your physical, and emotional wellbeing. However, the lengthy extraction process (distilled using steam or cold pressing) means essential oils are more expensive to create, give them a gentle, more authentic scent throw, and can only be made from real plants or flowers.

At HAN we exclusively use essential oils

Essential oils capture all the complexity and character of each scent, and have therapeutic properties that benefit physical and mental health. The challenge of sourcing sustainable and high quality essential oils means that every HAN candle takes more time and care to create.

We believe every scent should be expressed as nature intended. 

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Want to know more about how we make our candles at HAN? Read about our unique and completely sustainable wax blend here. Unlike traditional candle companies, we use 100% vegetable wax, sustainably sourced, with absolutely NO paraffin. You can trust that our candles will burn cleanly and will release not release toxins into your home.

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